European Dimension of the SnapEarth Consortium


The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) the coordinator of SnapEarth consortium, is one of the largest research centers in Greece. It was founded in 2000 and is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The mission of CERTH is to promote the triplet Research – Development – Innovation by conducting high quality scientific research and developing innovative products and services while building strong partnerships with industry and strong collaborations with research centers and universities in Greece and abroad. CERTH consists of five Institutes and the Central Directorate and is governed by its Board of Directors. The five institutes are: Information Technologies Institute (ITI), Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT), Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB), Institute for Research & Technology of Thessaly (IRETETH).  CERTH has participated successfully in more than 1,000 competitive research projects. CERTH is listed among the Top-20 Research Centres of the EU with the highest participation in FP7 competitive research grants for the period 2007-2012 and received numerous awards and distinctions.

Information Technologies Institute
CERTH-ITI is one of the leading Institutions of Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, with long experience in more than 500 European and national R&D projects (among which >200 H2020 projects). For the last seven consecutive years, it is the first in Greece in the participation in competitive research grants (FP7, H2020). It is active in a large number of application sectors (energy, buildings and construction, health, manufacturing, robotics, (cyber)security, transport, smart cities, space, agrifood, marine and blue growth, water, etc.) and technology areas such as data and visual analytics, data mining, machine and deep learning, virtual and augmented reality, image processing, remote sensing, computer and cognitive vision, human computer interaction, IoT and communication technologies, navigation technologies, cloud and computing technologies, distributed ledger technologies (blockchain), (semantic) interoperability, system integration, mobile and web applications, hardware design and development, smart grid technologies and solutions and social media analysis. For the last 7 years, the publication record of CERTH-ITI includes more than 250 scientific publications in international journals, more than 650 publications in conferences & 60 books and book chapters. These works have been cited more than 14000 times.

In CERTH-ITI AI and ICT meet EO and EO applications in an excellent synthesis


ABSISKEY Polska is a Polish engineering company, founded in 2014, has the headquarters in Warsaw in Poland. Since 2019, we've become part of the AK Group II. We specialise in innovation management in the space business and consulting. Absiskey Polska supports Polish companies, start-ups in development of their business strategy and supporting them in the implementation of their innovation ideas on the European Space market.
The company aims to increase a level of competitiveness of the local entities with the support of territory development through implementation of innovative technological projects dedicated to the space industry. The offered services comprise strategic consultancy in space, support in bid management, strengthen entities’ market shares and others. In general, Absiskey Polska and its parent company place themselves in a value adding, technical management role in European projects, including ESA, Horizon Europe, Climate-KIC and others.
Absiskey Polska in its activities is very dynamic in the field of dissemination regarding satellite data, the possibilities of their use, providing information about data sources, etc.
Company benefits from a good relation with a very rich network of clusters, public authorities and NGOs, such Agricultural, Energy, Climate, ITS, Strategic ICT Cluster, Polish Space Agency etc., which gives a good access to the major Stakeholders in the Key Strategic domains in Poland.


CS GROUP FRANCE is a large company, based in France, with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North-America. It has 2100 employees worldwide, and generates 230M€ annual revenues (2019). CS GROUP is quoted at the Paris Stock Exchange.

CS GROUP designs, integrates and operates mission critical systems
CS GROUP mission is to respond to the challenges of its various customers by designing, integrating, exploitating and operating innovative turnkey systems.
CS GROUP expertise in mission-critical applications and systems makes it the partner of choice in defence & security, space, aeronautic, energy and other highly technical industries in France and aboard.

CS GROUP is an innovative enterprise which devotes 10% of its revenues in R&D. It is a member of numerous French competitiveness clusters and participates to numerous European Commission and ESA programs. 

CS GROUP is active across the entire Space value chain to enable its customers to take full advantage of its   three main strengths:

  • Its ability to act as a prime contractor and engineering company for major, complex and mission-critical projects,
  • Its capacity to combine complementary skills in order to offer its customers an integrated approach (consulting, design, build and run),
  • Its “power of innovation” and capability to ensure the success of strategic projects.

CS GROUP, major actor of earth observation ground segment
For more than 40 years, the Space Business Unit of CS GROUP has been successfully delivering turnkey systems and providing engineering services for space and its applications markets. With a workforce of 430 engineers gathering advanced and unique skills in both information technologies and space data engineering, CS GROUP is a major and proven long-term trusted partner of space and defence agencies, satellite prime contractors and operators, and space application actors.

CS GROUP is recognized as a prime contractor, particularly, for space software systems. CS GROUP is the first space software provider for the French space agency (CNES) and acts as prime contractor for the European Space Agency, developing operational software for ESOC.


CS GROUP ROMANIA was founded in 1991 by a group of research engineers and university professors, under the name of AEIC, and joined the CS Communication & Systèmes Group in 1998.
CS ROMANIA has carried on complex ITC projects and has significant expertise in software development and maintenance for Critical Information Systems and software applications in domains such as Aeronautics, Space, Energy and Intelligent Transportation.
The business lines of CS ROMANIA focus on software development for Complex Information Systems, Command and Control Systems, Embedded Software and offshore / nearshore outsourcing software services for third parties: development, testing, integration and maintenance.
The outsourcing services offered by CS ROMANIA span the whole cycle of software product development beginning from requirements gathering, analysis, prototyping, design, development, testing, integration and ending with commissioning, maintenance and support.
CS ROMANIA is one of the pioneer Romanian companies which perform activities related to the Space sector. The company has been involved in ESA missions and also in programs such as Copernicus and Galileo developed by ESA and EU.
CS ROMANIA performs IT software development activities in various projects related to Ground Segment, Space Segment and Applications for Data Processing. The main contributions are in Data and Image Processing from EO missions, the development of toolboxes for the Sentinel missions, Flight Dynamics Software, On Board Software, EGSE, data archiving and algorithm optimization for GNSS, multi-mission ground segment software etc.


Middle East Technical University (METU) is one of the most established and prestigious universities in Turkey. Similarly, METU Computer Engineering Department admits only top scoring students at national exams. Both the department and the university has gained a significant experience in EU projects over the past two decades by hosting numerous successful EU projects. METU also ranks first in terms of the number of research projects funded by the national funding agency TUBITAK. The department hosts a number of leading faculty members in machine learning and deep learning.


isardSAT is a group of R&D SMEs providing, since 2006, engineering and scientific remote sensing answers to our clients with special attention to altimetry, passive microwave and SAR missions. isardSAT Group is composed of isardSAT- Cat (Barcelona) and one fully owned subsidiary isardSAT-UK (Guildford). With a strong focus on user experience and technological innovation, isardSAT expertise revolves around the areas of algorithm development, geophysical validation, instrumental calibration, toolbox development, and services operation. As an Altimetry Expert Support Laboratory of European Space Agency (ESA) satellites, isardSAT has become a reference organization for altimetry data prototyping and support center for the exploitation of altimetry data.
isardSAT carries out scientific-technologic projects in the Earth Observation field, developing on-board and on-ground algorithms to process microwave instruments data, isardSAT is involved in the design, calibration and maintenance of civil remote sensing instruments such as those on board of Envisat, SMOS, CryoSAT, SEOSAR, Sentinel-3, and Sentinel-6 amongst others.
At Applications and Services, isardSAT performs studies for scientific applications with the data obtained by Earth Observation instruments.


QWANT - is a French SME. Created in June 2011, it working on 6 locations sites: Nice, Paris, Rouen, Epinal in France and in Milan Italy and Munchen Germany.
QWANT develops, operates and provides internet users with an innovative Web search engine whose fundamental values are privacy, neutrality and openness. Since its first product launch in July 2013 QWANT demultiplicated its audience and is now the 41st website in France and 879th worldwide. is also characterized by an adaptable layout of results according to the user query.
By offering innovative users interfaces, a broader view integrating social networks, which is more neutral (no ranking ‘biases’) in a safe and privacy-friendly manner (no recording of the internet user’s history or tracking), QWANT has found real success and today, has the largest audience ever achieved by a European search engine with over 70 million visits per month.
Qwant's secure and sovereign technology also allows to develop innovations for Internet uses adapted to the users' needs. It is also a formidable accelerator to propose corporate solutions that respond to the challenges of trust, security and neutrality in fields that are key to our future: the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cyber security.