CERTH will present project at the EuroGEO workshop 2022

25 November 2022

On December 7-9, 2022, CERTH will take part in the EuroGEO workshop 2022. The workshop will take place in Athens and Greece.

This edition of the workshop will focus on the preparation of the next journey for EuroGEO to align with progress made and new needs arisen in the European context, as well as to coordinate and strengthen its contribution to the post-2025 evolution of the GEO (source https://rea.ec.europa.eu/)

During the workshop, CERTH will present the results of the SnapEarth project in a poster session.
We invite everyone to participate in the workshop and to meet representatives of our consortium, and at the same time the coordinator of the SnapEarth project.
More information can be found on the event website: https://rea.ec.europa.eu/events/eurogeo-workshop-2022-2022-12-07_en

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