EarthClimate Workshop

29 June 2022

On July 7, 2022, we invite you to the workshop called "The use of Copernicus satellite data to study air quality".

The event is organized by Absiskey Polska together with the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography in Warsaw and the Warsaw University of Technology.

The aim of the workshop is to present the possibilities of using satellite data in the field of air quality. But also to show the impact of air quality on health.

During the workshop, you will be able to find out what tools and services to use to obtain ready-made satellite data.

The event will also present the topics of European satellite monitoring initiatives such as the Copernicus program and also the EarthClimate solution (a platform that uses satellite data to inform about the air condition and typing city heat maps) will be presented.

In the end, you will also learn about the financial offers of the European Space Agency - how and where to obtain financing for projects.

If you are interested, please register for the workshop (it is free of charge). The workshops will be conducted in Polish.

Please register here 

The workshop will take place from 9:30 to 11:15 on the Teams platform.

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