Interview with CS GROUP France partner

31 May 2022

CS GROUP, is a European mid-size company that designs, develops, deploys, maintains, and operates smart, safe and interconnected critical systems. These systems, based on innovative solutions and products, guarantee the efficiency and security of our clients’ operations and critical missions with extremely exacting requirements. CS GROUP offers a range of innovative products and solutions: Area surveillance (anti-drone strategies, transhorizon HF radar), Training systems (Live, Virtual & Constructive), Cybersecurity (SIEM, hardened OS, encrypting), Geo referenced information platform, Big Data & AI (securitized multi-cloud management, processing & visualization, algorithms), etc. The Space Business Unit of CS GROUP that is currently participating in SnapEarth, has been successfully providing turnkey systems and engineering services for the space and applications markets for more than 40 years. With a workforce of 480 engineers combining advanced and unique skills in both information technology and space data engineering, CS GROUP is a major and trusted long-term partner of space and defense agencies, satellite prime contractors and operators, and users of space data.

CS GROUP is in charge of the design of the SnapEarth platform architecture, the deployment of the 4 pilot services and the development of the EarthSelf service. EarthSelf deploys turnkey Cloud environments for EO data exploration and added-value service development. Its use is user-friendly and does not require any specific Cloud or IT skills.

CS GROUP brings its strong know-how in big data technologies and distributed cloud computing by deploying and operating the SnapEarth platform. The main challenge CS Group is facing is to develop an EarthSelf service able to deploy Cloud-ready environments in any Cloud Provider’s infrastructure, without showing the technical complexity to the user. It means that EarthSelf needs in one hand to manage the versatility and technical heterogenicity of the different Cloud providers while supporting the end-user in its choices without asking to specific or technical questions to best understand its needs. This challenge requires a deep expertise on Cloud Providers’ solutions and a strong understanding of the needs of end-users.

Being part of the SnapEarth consortium enable CS GROUP to enhance its own knowledge, to develop additional AI and searching tools and to penetrate further into the growing Copernicus based markets. Thus, SnapEarth could improve the innovation capacity and the integration of new knowledge over the whole value-chain, also impacting the users - since end-users could develop new ways of making use of EO/information/data in their decision-making processes. 

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