Interview with isardSAT partner

18 May 2022

isardSAT is an R&D SME, based in Barcelona providing, since 2006, engineering and scientific remote sensing solutions to our clients, based on our expertise in altimetry, passive microwave, and SAR missions. With a strong focus on user experience and technological innovation, isardSAT is an expert in algorithm development, geophysical validation, product generation, service delivery, and outreach.

Lobelia Earth is a self-standing SME based in Barcelona, specialised in satellite technology, computational intelligence and data visualisation for climate action. Lobelia Earth was created in November 2018 as a separate downstream services unit of isardSAT. Lobelia works for the private and public sectors providing climate services, building on datasets from trusted providers as well as producing its own models and data.

isardSAT is leading the EarthFoodSecurity pilot. The EarthFoodSecurity pilot offers a service for agricultural drought monitoring based on isardSAT’s High Resolution Soil Moisture service (HR SM). We are currently developing the web interface and architecture of the pilot. Since the beginning of the project, we are in continuous contact with stakeholders to capture their needs and better address them through the pilot.

The biggest challenges that isardSAT will have to face in the near future is the capability to effectively communicate the benefit of EO and to address and onboard a large number of users across different industries. Market research shows that a growing number of the organization is already using or looking for new solutions to address extreme events risk in agriculture. This shows that there is high potential in the market for the product delivered by the Food security pilot. However, since many potential users are still new to these types of EO-based services within the context of agriculture and are unsure how to integrate them into existing monitoring systems, clear communication of the benefit deriving from the use of our product, their accuracy and the applications will be key in addressing those stakeholders. 

isardSAT brings a long record of expertise in the research and development of services and solutions within the Earth Observation field. In particular, isardSAT brings to Snapearth project extensive knowledge of the use of remote sensing data to monitor and investigate drought risk. isardSAT has brought to the project its operational high resolution soil moisture service, based on its proprietary disaggregation algorithm DISPATCH, used to increase the spatial resolution from 40km to 1 km. Soil moisture is a key indicator of soil water content for activities aimed at food security. Within the context of Snapearth isardSAT is aiming at the creation of a Soil moisture service at a 100 m spatial resolution. The realization of these innovative and computationally intensive products will be possible with the technical capabilities and AI potential offered by the new Snapearth platform. Through its participation in SnapEarth, isardSAT will also investigate the new field of applications of its EO-based products and expand its customer base, through the exploration and targeting of new markets.