The next scientific publication for the SnapEarth project!

16 April 2021

SnapEarth's next scientific publication has been published in the Remote Sensing journal!

The article describes a simple method to retrieve high resolution root-zone soil moisture estimates from high-resolution surface soil moisture derived from Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP), which is used as one of the methods in the EarthFoodSecurity pilot. The method is based on the recursive use of an exponential filter, calibrated per land cover type, which proves a useful resource in eliminating site-specific calibration in order to take advantage of the global coverage of satellite data.

V.G. Stefan, G. Indrio, M.J. Escorihuela, P. Quintana-Seguí, J.M. Villar, (2021), High resolution SMAP-derived root zone soil moisture using an exponential filter model calibrated per land cover type, Remote Sensing, 13 (6), 1112

We invite you to read the entire article:

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