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3 February 2021

EarthPress service will allow users (journalist, editors) to have immediate access to Earth Observation (EO) data related to a natural disaster through its user friendly-platform and specialized tools. The potential usefulness of the EarthPress service and its products is showcased in the processing of EO data from a flooding that took place in a part of river Evros, due to rainfall between 05-07 of April 2020. Sentinel 2 satellite data were automatically downloaded and processed and a flood delineation map was created using the EO processing modules that will be later incorporated in EarthPress. When the platform is launched, similar EO data together with text and multimedia information, will be incorporated in the final article that will be presented to the user. EarthPress aims to aid journalists in disaster reporting with an automated provision of EO data and maps, without the need for any expertise in the area of remote sensing. It is mainly focused on the Media Industry with its many specialized tools, such as the personalized article creation, but individual citizens will also be able to access the same information, provided they register in the platform. EarthPress, with its state of the art AI tools, will utilize the vast amounts of satellite data provided from Copernicus and other sources, along with information gathered from social media platforms, to make EO data more user-friendly and accessible with the click of a button.

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