International Development Workshop 1

23 December 2021

The members of the SnapEarth project consortium are pleased to invite you to the next workshop, which aims to familiarize participants with the subject matter of the project. SnapEarth project is fully consistent with EC international strategy. Copernicus is a central part of European international cooperation.

The International Development Workshop will take place on January 25, 2022 virtually on the Teams platform from 10am to 1pm CET time.

If you are interested in issues such as the use of Earth Observation (EO) data along with its combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning, this workshop is just for you!

The subject of the workshop will focus mainly on showing the possibilities offered by the EarthSignature service and components such as SafeScale, EarthSearch and EarthSelf. SafeScale is providing EC a middleware allowing being DIAS agnostic.

EarthSignature is based on artificial intelligence (deep learning models) designed to extract biophysical land cover semantic information from satellite imagery. It automatically and accurately maps the images provided by satellites for indexation. All data produced by EarthSignature dataset will be automatically indexed and accessible with the EarthSearch Portal.

EarthSearch is the portal for natural language queries on images. User will be able to express questions in natural language on images and get either a text response or an imagery response.

As part of this project, the EarthSelf The proposed SnapEarth EarthSelf-Service allows on-demand provisioning of EO data exploitation environments. Users will be able to leverage the SnapEarth EarthSignature database, the ease of access to satellite data and the highly scalable and robust infrastructure offered by EarthSelf Service to deploy their projects in the Cloud as secure services. 
In addition, 4 pilots will be presented that enrich the project with dedicated services for specific topics:

EarthPress -
EarthClimate -
EarthFoodSecurity -
EarthAgriculture -

During the workshop, you will be able to ask questions in real time, directly or via chat.

We cordially invite you to the workshop. To register please click here: registration form.

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