Interview with the coordinator of the SnapEarth project, CERTH

13 May 2022

CERTH-ITI is one of the leading Institutions of Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects. Through its 7 labs, CERTH-ITI is active in a large number of research domains such as Energy efficiency, Security and Surveillance, Image and Signal Processing, Computer & Cognitive Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Machine Learning & Deep learning, Multimedia, Visual and Data Analytics, Database and Information Systems and Social Media Analysis. The Visual Analytics, Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory (VARLab) that is currently participating in SnapEarth ( employs a high quality scientific group of personnel for the design, modelling, development and demonstration of simulation and visual analytics applications and services, as well as decision support systems based on multi-disciplinary inputs and context-aware technologies. Moreover, it has expertise in spaceborne image analysis, development of geoinformation analysis modules, spatial analysis and handling with multiscale existing maps and their metadata, generation of remote sensing products used in ecosystem and biodiversity monitoring, multi-criteria and multi-modal data assessment, and uncertainty handling. VarLab has a wide network within and beyond the European remote sensing society and is participating in research networks with assorted institutes and industrial partners in Greece and Europe.

CERTH-ITI has the role of Project Coordinator and is responsible for implementing management and coordination processes (e.g., planning & control, decision-making & conflict resolution, or effective collaboration). It has also assumed the role of Innovation, Technical & Scientific Manager who is responsible for the technical and scientific activities of the project, manages innovation process and ensures that developed solution meets users’ requirements. Furthermore, CERTH-ITI participates and contributes in the definition of the SnapEarth architecture, the development of Earth Observation (EO) data processing technics, and is responsible for implementing the EarthPress service. The EarthPress service aims at boosting the European activity in the field of journalism-targeted data analysis, by making use of the large volumes and value of Copernicus data in journalism-supporting applications. Added-value products to editors & journalists will be delivered allowing them to enrich the content of their publications & articles with geoinformation and maps provided by real or near real time acquired EO data (e.g., extreme event’s extent maps).

One of the challenges that CERTH-ITI will face in the context of the project is to promote the Earth Press service towards a large audience and to attract users from the global market; users coming from the press community that will discover the offered added value in providing information packages EO data and contextual information related to an event that can be depicted with EO imagery.

CERTH-ITI is bringing into the project its strong know-how in deep learning, data analytics and computer vision is contributing to the creation of an on-demand AI-ready, High Performance and Big Data computing platform such as SnapEarth.

By participating in SnapEarth, CERTH-ITI is able to develop an innovative application in the EO and AI domain that will generate extra revenues by introducing new potential markets. The EarthPress solution is addressed to the newspaper market (both printable and online) for increasing journalists’ efficiency while proposing them the adequate mix of information coming together from social networks and EO data.