Multi-cloud & DIAS DevOps solution to create on-demand computing platforms

4 September 2020

Audrey Paccini, Yasmine Boulfani
CS GROUP (Space Business Unit) France

Earth Observation (EO) satellite missions provide continuously very high-resolution satellite data leading to new capabilities to monitor & analyze the health of our planet such as weather prediction, climate monitoring, resource utilization, rescue operations, and many others. Indeed, the growth of EO data creates a potential increase of added-value services in the area of prediction and detection of risks, post- disaster rescue, recovery efforts, infrastructure planning, urban development utilities and national mapping agencies.

But this potential will only come true if exploited. To meet such a challenge, a strategy combining efficient algorithms and the use of new technologies such as clouds and Big Data technologies is the key to success.

From computational point of view, a digital robust & secured platform system is mandatory to face such amount volume of data. That is why CS GROUP has developed several EO services platforms, including the SNAPEARTH platform, bringing its strong know-how in big data technologies and distributed cloud computing

The SNAPEARTH platform are based on the CS LandScape, building blocks foundation facilities of CS GROUP, aiming at offering long-lasting and reliable solutions to support the actors of the Earth observation world in their EO Data services.

SafeScale is at the backbone of the common digital platform to ensure the portability of the deployments. Indeed, SafeScale Platform,  an open source multicloud DevOps solution designed & developed by CS GROUP, aims at creating on-demand computing platforms, built to be highly versatile and providing all necessary building blocks to create a cutting-edge, production grade, scalable and highly available services: Micro service orchestration, Big Data frameworks, large scale data management, dashboards. The innovative aspect of SafeScale platforms lies in their capacity to be diagnostic from cloud providers, meaning that the production workflow can run on any IT provider wherever the EO data may be hosted.

In other word, everyone with a good idea can plug his service into the platform to take full advantage of a high level of portability, flexibility, scalability, reliability, observability, maintainability and security from Virtual Machine to workflow level service integration depending on the needs.

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