Multi-data provider access for EO Services Platforms

8 October 2020

Yasmine Boulfani, Vincent Gaudissart
CS GROUP (Space Business Unit) France

Earth Observation (EO) satellite missions are providing an unprecedented volume of data production, resulting in an increase in the amount of EO data available to the public, and therefore in the number of EO data providers.

In this context, several programs can be taken as references, as the 5 Copernicus DIAS platforms, NextGEOSS, EOSC, Copernicus Research and User Support (RUS) service, etc. which allow to develop added-value EO services. However, each platform has different data access policy in terms of discovery and downloads API, available metadata, authentication mechanism, etc. making the use of these data providers very complicated.

To meet such a challenge, CS GROUP develops EODAG solution.  EODAG is a command line tool and a Python SDK for searching, aggregating and downloading remote sensed images while offering a unified API for data access regardless of the data provider.

EODAG is fully compatible with: Sobloo - Airbus DIAS,    Creodias - CloudFerro DIAS,    Mundi - Atos DIAS,    Onda - Serco DIAS, Usgs - U.S geological survey catalog for Landsat products, AWS - Amazon EO available buckets including Copernicus products, Theia - French National Space Agency (CNES) catalog for Sentinel, Pleiades and Landsat products, Peps - French National Space Agency (CNES) catalog for Copernicus (Sentinel 1, 2, 3) products. EODAG is easily extensible by configuration or plugin development; so new providers will be made available soon. Moreover, user can add its own.

Combined with SafeScale, the CS GROUP's Cloud agnostic platform deployment solution, these offer
a complete solution ensuring both Data-provider and Cloud-provider independence to create a high value-added service. In fact, depending the needs (data availability and coverage VS cloud deployment performances and costs), user is able to migrate from one data/cloud provider to another, whether it's for data or cloud deployment need, without having to redevelop its solution or changing any line of code. These two solutions are fully open source, ensuring no vendor locking.

Thanks to EODAG, CS GROUP has developed different EO data access services, including Multi-data provider access for the SNAPEARTH platform. Indeed, EODAG solution is used to facilitate access to different data (including DIAS) providers for several integrated EO services on the platform according to their needs. SNAPEARTH aims to facilitate also access to EO database based on artificial intelligence designed to extract biophysical land cover semantic information from satellite imagery and accessible from the Qwant search engine. The easy access to the EO data thanks to EODAG combined with this database, allows quick creation of high added-value EO services regardless of the data/cloud provider.

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