Start of the SnapEarth project!

20 February 2020

December 1, 2019 - the SnapEarth project begins its implementation phase!

During this phase, the project plan is put into motion and the work of the project is performed.

Objective of the project is foster the market growth of COPERNICUS by instigating the development of new Earth Observation (EO) applications and to develop general public awareness to EO data. SnapEarth is to initiate the creation of a virtuous circle of innovation by providing to EO data users an innovative platform with leading edge EO segmented datasets, Neutral Networks models and Cloud computing ecosystem.

SnapEarth will alleviate the burden of building and configuring an EO processing environment linked to a DIAS platform. Beyond the DIAS platforms, SnapEarth will have the capacity to be connected with any EO data or processing service providers.


20 Feb 2020
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20 Feb 2020
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