Newsletter#01 5 May 2020

We are delighted to present the first newsletter of the EU funded project - SnapEarth.
In the first issue of the newsletter, we want to introduce you to the main idea of the SnapEarth project as well as to present its services and the consortium.

The project

SnapEarth project is to foster the Market growth of COPERNICUS by instigating the development of new EO applications and to develop general public awareness to EO data. SnapEarth is to initiate the creation of a virtuous circle of innovation by providing to EO data users an innovative platform with leading edge EO segmented datasets, Neural Networks models and Cloud computing ecosystem.


To demonstrate how the platform can be used to reveal the tremendous potential of EO data to a very large audience, well beyond their usual perimeter, 6 services will be presented:


technological component enables any business or user to take advantage of highly scalable cloud environments for analysis, visualization and production of Earth observation value-added services.


the service will allow end users to express questions in natural language on Images e.g “Wildfire in Corsica, Urban zones in Italy, etc.” and get either a text response or an imagery response.


sevice aims to deliver value-added products to editors and journalists allowing them to enrich the content of their publications and articles. Such contents tailored to specific user needs will be notably based on EO data and aggregated information from social media, websites, etc. on a given topic. It will provide added value data to the media industry allowing them to disseminate the success of Copernicus to the citizens.


services to support climate monitoring activities: (1) air quality and carbon dioxide emissions monitoring and (2) urban heat islands monitoring. EarthClimate services will be combined with other Copernicus data and local data coming from sensors and monitoring programs.


service addresses drought at its very earlier stages. This service is built on top of in-situ information of soil moisture conditions, and runs with Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) projections of climate change.


services to support agriculture monitoring activities. It will improve the performance and the accuracy of the existing Sen2-Agri processing chains using services offered by the SnapEarth project.  EarthAgriculture proposes to agriculture users a set of added values services to support agriculture monitoring activities.

SnapEarth Consortium

The SnapEarth consortium is made of seven high-profile European partners selected for their acknowledged excellence as well as both their complementarity and trans-nationality in order to provide the necessary knowledge, expertise, and state-of-the-art background required to ensure the success of the SnapEarth project as well as the sustainability of the expected results.


If you are interested in the SnapEarth project please contact us:


UE This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 innovation action programme under grant agreement No 870373 – SnapEarth.
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