Newsletter#03 15 October 2020
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this is the third edition of SnapEarth newsletter. In the newsletter we will keep you informed about our progress, key outcomes and events. We will also give insight on the project partners. This edition of the newsletter will introduce the next two partners: CS GROUP France and CS GROUP Romania. In addition, more information on the Multi-cloud & DIAS DevOps solution and the EODAG solution will be provided.

In this issue

1. Join the SnapEarth community
2. Meet the SnapEarth Partners
3. SnapEarth Workshop#01
4. Multi-cloud & DIAS DevOps solution to create on-demand computing platforms

5. Multi-data provider access for EO Services Platforms

Project progress



Join the SnapEarth community!

As part of the SnapEarth project, we are looking for recipients interested in our solution. 

Are you interested in using Earth Observation data in your work?

If you would like to participate with us in developing appropriate application solutions that could support your work, please let us know.

Meet the SnapEarth Partners

The SnapEarth project involves 7 partners from Spain, France, Poland, Romania and Turkey. The Newsletter #03 presents two partners: CS GROUP France and CS GROUP Romania. CS GROUP is a large company, based in France, with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North-America.


     CS GROUP France

CS GROUP mission is to respond to the challenges of its various customers by designing, integrating, exploitating and operating innovative turnkey systems.
CS GROUP expertise in mission-critical applications and systems makes it the partner of choice in defence & security, space, aeronautic, energy and other highly technical industries in France and aboard.
CS GROUP is an innovative enterprise which devotes 10% of its revenues in R&D. It is a member of numerous French competitiveness clusters and participates to numerous European Commission and ESA programs. 

CS GROUP is recognized as a prime contractor, particularly, for space software systems. CS GROUP is the first space software provider for the French space agency (CNES) and acts as prime contractor for the European Space Agency, developing operational software for ESOC.


      CS GROUP Romania

CS GROUP Romania was founded in 1991 by a group of research engineers and university professors, under the name of AEIC, and joined the CS Communication & Systèmes Group in 1998.
CS ROMANIA has carried on complex ITC projects and has significant expertise in software development and maintenance for Critical Information Systems and software applications in domains such as Aeronautics, Space, Energy and Intelligent Transportation.

The business lines of CS ROMANIA focus on software development for Complex Information Systems, Command and Control Systems, Embedded Software and offshore / nearshore outsourcing software services for third parties: development, testing, integration and maintenance.
The outsourcing services offered by CS ROMANIA span the whole cycle of software product development beginning from requirements gathering, analysis, prototyping, design, development, testing, integration and ending with commissioning, maintenance and support.

SnapEarth Workshop#01

The first SnapEarth user workshop was held virtually on September 29. The aim of the workshop was to present the first information about the project to a group of users who are interested in the proposed topic and are interested in joining the SnapEarth User Group (SUG).

This workshop provided an understanding of the technical background to SnapEarth, featured the current status, and gave the opportunity to discuss particular issues around
     - the Pilots: EarthAgriculture, EarthFoodSecurity, EarthPress and EarthClimate
     - and Services: EarthSelf, EarthSearch
and their place in the system architecture.

The next workshop will be in January, let us know if you want to join us!

Multi-cloud & DIAS DevOps solution to create on-demand computing platforms

Earth Observation (EO) satellite missions provide continuously very high-resolution satellite data leading to new capabilities to monitor & analyze the health of our planet such as weather prediction, climate monitoring, resource utilization, rescue operations, and many others. Indeed, the growth of EO data creates a potential increase of added-value services in the area of prediction and detection of risks, post- disaster rescue, recovery efforts, infrastructure planning, urban development utilities and national mapping agencies.

But this potential will only come true if exploited. To meet such a challenge, a strategy combining efficient algorithms and the use of new technologies such as clouds and Big Data technologies is the key to success.

From computational point of view, a digital robust & secured platform system is mandatory to face such amount volume of data. That is why CS GROUP has developed several EO services platforms, including the SNAPEARTH platform, bringing its strong know-how in big data technologies and distributed cloud computing.

Multi-data provider access for EO Services Platforms

Earth Observation (EO) satellite missions are providing an unprecedented volume of data production, resulting in an increase in the amount of EO data available to the public, and therefore in the number of EO data providers.

In this context, several programs can be taken as references, as the 5 Copernicus DIAS platforms, NextGEOSS, EOSC, Copernicus Research and User Support (RUS) service, etc. which allow to develop added-value EO services. However, each platform has different data access policy in terms of discovery and downloads API, available metadata, authentication mechanism, etc. making the use of these data providers very complicated.

To meet such a challenge, CS GROUP develops EODAG solution. 


If you are interested in the SnapEarth project please contact us:


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