WP1 – Project Management

D1.1      Project Management Plan
D1.2      Technical, Scientific & Innovation Management Plan
D1.3      Quality, Data & Risk Management Plan
D1.4      Performance Assessment Report
D1.5      Risk Register
D1.6      Innovation Register
D1.7      Progress & Financial Reports
D1.8      Minutes of Meeting

WP2 - Users Involvement & Requirements Consolidation

D2.1      SUG Organisation Plan
D2.2      Minutes of SUG and Pilot Workshops
D2.3      Minutes of SUG Meeting
D2.4      SnapEarth Platform & Services User Requirements

WP3 – SnapEarth Platform Development

D3.1      SnapEarth Design Dossier
D3.2      EarthSignature Software V1 & V2
D3.4      SnapEarth Test Dossier

WP4 – EarthSelf Service Set Up

D4.1      EarthSelf-Service Definition Document
D4.2      EarthSelf-Service Portal V1 & V2
D4.3      EarthSelf-Service Tracking Tool V1 & V2

WP5 – EarthSearch Service Set Up

D5.1      EarthSearch Design & Test Dossier
D5.2      EarthSearch Service V1 & V2

WP6 – Pilots Implementation

D6.1      EarthPress Pilot Implementation Plans
D6.2      EarthClimate Pilot Implementation Plans
D6.3      EarthFoodSecurity Pilot Implementation Plans
D6.4      EarthAgriculture Pilot Implementation Plans
D6.5      EarthPress Pilot Demonstration
D6.6      EarthClimate Pilot Demonstration
D6.7      EarthFoodSecurity Pilot Demonstration
D6.8      EarthAgriculture Pilot Demonstration
D6.9      EarthPress Pilot Scientific & Technological Report
D6.10    EarthClimate Pilot Scientific & Technological Report
D6.11    EarthFoodSecurity Pilot Scientific & Technological Report
D6.12    EarthAgriculture Pilot Scientific & Technological Report

WP7 – Dissemination & Exploitation

D7.1      Communication & Dissemination Plan
D7.2      SnapEarth Website
D7.3      Communication Kits
D7.4      EarthSelf-Service Business Plan
D7.5      EarthSearch Service Business Plan
D7.6      EarthPress Pilot Business Plan
D7.7      EarthClimate Pilot Business Plan
D7.8      EarthAgriculture Pilot Business Plan
D7. 9     Service Business Plans
D7.10    SnapEarth Platform Exploitation Plan
D7.11    Minutes of International Development Workshops
D7.12    International Development Plan
D7.13    Final Conference Material