The increasing scarcity in water resources due to variability of precipitation patterns combined with the increasing exploitation of the soil also by agriculture, is resulting in more frequent and stronger extreme events and unpredictable water resource availability throughout the year with consequent impacts on food security in numerous Countries.

EarthFoodSecurity pilot ( offers a service based on soil moisture data, a key indicator for soil water availability, to address drought at its very early stages.

For the computation of water availability, long-time series of Soil Moisture from ESA’s SMOS are used to establish climatology over the areas of study. Then, isardSAT’s High Resolution Soil Moisture service (HR SM), is used to provide information about soil moisture from surface to root zone level at 1km resolution.  With data from 2010, and updated every 2-3 days, the service provides high accuracy, consistent time series and up-to-date information, globally.

isardSAT’s High Resolution Soil Moisture service is independent from light and weather conditions and it is used to monitor evolution and changes of soil moisture and drought indexes, as well as understand historical trends and anomalies. The service is validated in semi-arid regions and it is ideal for large-scale applications and for regions particularly affected by limited hydrological resources.