The increasing scarcity in water resources, either due to climate conditions or agricultural practices, puts in danger food security in numerous countries. EarthFoodSecurity pilot addresses drought at its very earlier stages and it is thus based on soil moisture as soil moisture is a key indicator for soil water availability. EarthFoodSecurity users have expressed their interest in having crop drought information in the near, mid, and far future. This service is built on top of in-situ information of soil moisture conditions, and runs with Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) projections of climate change.

For the computation of water availability, long-time series of Soil Moisture from ESA’s CCI and Copernicus Land Services will be used to establish climatology over the areas of study. isardSAT’s High Resolution Soil Moisture service (HR SM), starting in 2010, will be used during the overlapping period and for the monitoring of the area with observations every 2-3 days at 1km resolution. At this resolution we will provide long-term time series as well as anomalies and drought indexes. In the case of water availability alarm, very high resolution (VHR) SM at 100m will be provided.

Based on EarthFoodSecurity, we will propose to the users a set of added value services like:

  • Historical data over an area of interest
  • Real – time value added data over an area of interest
  • Forecast report to predict future changes over an area of interest