SnapEarth Hackathon

8 November 2022

The members of the H2020-funded SnapEarth [1] project consortium are pleased to invite you to the SnapEarth Hackathon. This hackathon aims to familiarize its participants with the use of the services developed during the lifetime of the SnapEarth project and to develop and present new ideas or services that could add value to the Earth Observation (EO) community.

Background information

The core component of the SnapEarth platform is EarthSignature [2], which based on Artificial Intelligence (deep learning models) achieves to extract biophysical land cover semantic information from satellite imagery. The results of EarthSignature can be used as input for other applications/platforms and give added value to the later. The following image is an example of biophysical land cover semantic information extracted from EarthSignature.

Within the project the following four services have been developed that use the land cover information:


  • a web platform that facilitates journalists to the procedure of news article synthesis related with disastrous events (e.g., fire, flood, hurricane, etc.)
  • provides ready to print multimedia content to the journalists including information from analysis of satellite images including the affected area along with its land cover (information provided by EarthSignature)

More information about EarthPress can be found under the following links:


  • a web-based platform that proposes to agriculture users a set of added values services to support agriculture monitoring activities. EarthAgriculture has the ambition to provide a service easy to use that offer to the users the possibility to run and get the results from the already validated processors developed during the projects Sentinel2-Agriculture and Sen4CAP (Sentinels for Common Agricultural Policy) but also for the future released Sen4Stat (Sentinels for Statistics) project. EarthAgriculture comes with a simple web interface allowing the users to focus on their business instead of IT related administration and issues.
  • offers the possibility to use EarthSignature land cover database, developed within SnapEarth project, to generate training samples to be used as input AI-generated in-situ data for the processing chains of the Dynamic Cropland Mask and Crop Type production.

More information about EarthAgriculture can be found under the following links:


  • a web-based platform that provides new innovative services based on exploitation of Soil Moisture data and the related water availability for food security thematics
    • drought indices, links of drought indices with related extreme events (wildfires and floods).
  • use of EarthSignature

More information about EarthFoodSecurity can be found under the following links:


  • a web-bsed platform that offers stakeholders a tool to monitor air quality thanks to the information obtained from satellite images
    • enables monitoring of urban heat islands,
    • supports in the process of data analysis for areas of interest
  • Earth Climate uses land use and land cover information from the EarthSignature platform for all three services Air Quality Monitoring, Urban HeatMap and Weather and allergens.

More information about EarthClimate can be found under the following links:

Challenges of the Hackathon

For the hackathon two challenges have been drafted. Participants can select to participate in one or both of the challenges presented in order to gain the provided prizes. Teams can also participate.

1.    Presentations of ideas on how the EarthSignature’s output (biophysical land cover semantic information) can be used for the development of a new service/platform that could add value to the EO data community and in general public

2.    Presentations of ideas on how the EarthSignature’s output (biophysical land cover semantic information) can be used in already developed services


The following prizes will be given to the three best proposals:

  • 1st place - 250 EUR and 8 (eight) consulting hours [3]
  • 2nd place - 150 EUR and 4 (four) consulting hours 
  • 3rd place - 100 EUR and 2 (two) consulting hours 

Instructions to participate

  1. Register to the hackathon using the following link:
  2. Familiarize yourself with the solutions proposed by the SnapEarth project through the testing of the EarthSignature platform. Persons who will be registered to the Hackathon will gain access to the EarthSignature platform via an email. The instructions of how to use EarthSignature will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the registration form.
  3. Fill in the provided presentation ( and send us your ideas before 12/12/22 in the following emails:,

The winners of the Hackathon will be announced through the SnapEarth website ( at 16/12/22. The winners will be also notified via email.

More information about the services developed within the project can be found in the following videos: ( and the presentations located at:

If you are interested in learning about the SnapEarth project and winning prizes, we encourage you to take part in the Hackathon. If you have any questions, you can also contact us by e-mail at


[1] SnapEarth full title: Fostering Earth Observation market uptake thanks to natural and holistic access to added value data generated through cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies

[2] EarthSignature material (video: link, presentation: link)

[3] This prize id provided by Absiskey Polska () and includes consultations dedicated to the possibilities of using satellite technology in your company, as well as information on the sources of financing for projects under the Horizon Europe and European Space Agency (ESA) programs.


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